Off to Germany!

Well, here we go again. I’ve resurrected my old blog that I used while we were traveling South America. South America was supposed to be our last big adventure before we settled down to have kids. Now we’re in Germany with a toddler and a baby due in 6 weeks! After a few months of not knowing whether James’ company would come through with the formal contract, they finally did and barely in time. He accepted a one year position to work in the Dortmund, Germany office at his company Thyssen Krupp. So I left my job who gave me another 1 year leave of absence (seriously, how many times are they going to let me do this?!).

After a whirlwind of packing up our house, renting it out, saying goodbye to all of our dear friends in Denver, and spending a few weeks in Texas visiting family, we’ve arrived in Germany. It was probably the most stressful few weeks of my life. We’re renting an AirBnB for the first week or so while James’ company tries to find us a place to live. James’ contract states that we are to get a furnished 3 bedroom place. However, we’ve looked around and all there seem to be are 2 bedrooms. James starts work on Monday June 1st and I’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a stay at home mom which terrifies me just a little.

I neglected to take near as many photos as I should have over the last few weeks and the ones I did take were with a pretty old and cheap smart phone since my company took their iphone back when I started my leave. Here are the pics I managed to get:

James' company allowed us a certain # of lbs to ship. I used every last one of them and it seemed like almost all of it was kid/baby related.

James’ company allowed us a certain # of lbs to ship. I used every last one of them and it seemed like almost all of it was kid/baby related.


Silas and I flew to Austin by ourselves while James finished up moving out of our house. We met him in Dallas a few days later.


One of the rare occasions I get the tablet out is for airplane flights. It’s finally starting to hold his attention for more than 2 seconds. He will maybe use it for 8 minutes at a time now which isn’t long but it certainly helps!


Hanging out with Uncle ya-ya at my parents house near Austin.


At my parents house near Austin. He could play with water all day.

6 (2)

Climbing trees with the cousins. His exact words “like a squirrel!”


Just hanging out.


He had SO much fun playing with his cousins!


Hanging out with all his girl cousins in Dallas. James’ sister and her family are visiting from Africa for a whole year. So bummed that it’s the same year we’re heading to Germany.


It took two cars to get all of our stuff to the airport to catch our flight to Dusseldorf.


We had SO much stuff. It’s no wonder they lost 3 of our bags. Luckily they found them 2 days after we arrived.


A little snooze on the first flight from Dallas to Chicago.


Silas’ business class seat! Look at all that wasted leg room.


Thank goodness for lie-flat seats on our flight from Chicago to Dusseldorf. Silas did SO well.


Taking a stroll after we arrived. Silas adjusted really well to the time change – thank goodness!


On our way to dinner one night, he found a horsey.


On our way to dinner one night, he found a horsey.


At the playground near our Air BnB rental.


Matching flannels 🙂


Just hanging out.


Only a 5 minute walk from our Air BnB rental is a really nice playground and trails through the forest. Too bad this house is too far from James’ work. We will likely be moving into the city.


Exploring the woods.


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